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25 May 12 (Permalink)

Don’t Punish Bullies

Hey Poofta! Don’t try to run again. You, me, 3 o’clock. Under the water tower. I’m gonna bash your f**king face in!

Ahhhh, memories. Poofta, faggot, gay boy, I’ve heard them all. Fists, elbows, boots, I’ve felt them all. School wasn’t my favourite time of life.

The late 70’s wasn’t a time when bullying was seen as a problem. In fact, if you were a bully you were worshipped.

Look at me. I wasn’t the rugged bloke who was into footy: I hung out with the girls and liked science fiction. As an outsider I deserved to be singled-out as the freak I obviously was; and the thugs who derided, mocked and physically abused me were perfectly justified in their actions.

Or so they believed.

Over time the abhorrent activity of bullying has rightly been identified as a mammoth negative affect on both individuals and society. Leading to the announcement by Clubs NSW that any applicants found to have been bullies at school will have this held against them when applying for a job.

Not only won’t they get the job, but to make sure they know the reason why they didn’t get it (so they can to fix the errors in their ways), they won’t be told that it was because they were a bully in their school years.

Wait - what?

Clubs NSW should be acknowledged for helping to bring a social blemish into the limelight, but this is just as bad as rubbing a dog’s nose in their pee.

A bully who hasn’t been confronted with their actions and helped to break the cycle will continue to ruin the lives of those around them. Denying a lout a job and not telling them it was because of their bad attitude won’t help anyone.

Bullies learn their behaviour by being bullied by family or friends, or seeing the activity in the school ground and emulating it. The way to stop it is to break the cycle in childhood, not at the job application phase when the activity is ingrained into the thug’s psyche.

Because you’ve got to remember that a bully, like a puppy, is for life.


Read the coverage in the Daily Telegraph.

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