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As they say in the classics "I'm too old for this shit".

That said, I live in sunny Brisbane (Australia), forging a career in advertising / marketing whilst enjoying life as it comes.

I take photos on my iPhone, listen to (a lot of) music on my iPhone, and like Star Wars. So yes, I'm a geek.

That's about it.

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10 February 11 (Permalink)
Simon Pegg - Mos Eisley Port Authority Employee of the Month
Lucky Seven caps

Simon Pegg - Mos Eisley Port Authority Employee of the Month

Lucky Seven caps

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    Funnily enough, Stephen (darthambiguous) bought me this cap for my birthday!
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    If any of my posts ever hit the magical 1,000 - it will be this one. He’s so damn cool!
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    One of my freakin’ heroes.
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