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Eclectic random geekery: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, science, photography, LEGO, and stupid, stupid things.

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As they say in the classics "I'm too old for this shit".

That said, I live in sunny Brisbane (Australia), forging a career in advertising / marketing whilst enjoying life as it comes.

I take photos on my iPhone, listen to (a lot of) music on my iPhone, and like Star Wars. So yes, I'm a geek.

That's about it.

Party on!



17 October 11 (Permalink)

Reblogged: skekoa

4 August 11 (Permalink)
Dilbert’s Grandpa Box!

Dilbert’s Grandpa Box!

2 August 11 (Permalink)

Indian PC Telemarketing Scam

I just had an interesting call from an Indian from a very busy sounding call centre.  

He said he was from Microsoft and knew I had viruses on my computer. I knew instantly it was a scam, but thought it’d be fun to string the bastard along.

I asked how he knew about the viruses: he said all windows machines report back to Microsoft instantly and that’s how they know the virus is there.

I asked where he was calling from: “My Window Support" phone 61 390 10 5652.  I kept putting more stupid questions to him, and he just kept getting more incensed with me not doing what I was supposed to do.

Finally, around the 14 minute mark he told me to “just calm down and listen to me!”. He instructed me to “look at the bottom left of your screen. Just click the green Start button”.

"What button?" I asked. But before I could allow him to respond (mistake - I could have had him going a bit longer) I said "Sorry, you think I’m using a PC.  I’m on a Mac".


(apart from the hundreds of other Indian telemarketers pulling the same scam in the background.)

"I’m so sorry, it appears we’ve made a mistake," he stammered.  Really? How could this response not be on their cheat sheets?

He ummed and ahhed and apologised while I took the opportunity to abuse him for trying to rip me off with a painfully obvious scam.

He took the abuse for a minute or so before hanging up.


27 April 11 (Permalink)

Man Arrested For Singing Kung Fu Fighting

Finally - justice in the world.

The Isle of Wight Gazette's headline: Island Cops Were Fast As Lightning

I wonder if the people who put in the complaint knew their part?

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