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Always growing older - never growing up.

Eclectic random geekery: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, science, photography, LEGO, and stupid, stupid things.

This is my personal opinion / reblogging blog. If you're after my personal photos or awful photoshop creations, the links are below.

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As they say in the classics "I'm too old for this shit".

That said, I live in sunny Brisbane (Australia), forging a career in advertising / marketing whilst enjoying life as it comes.

I take photos on my iPhone, listen to (a lot of) music on my iPhone, and like Star Wars. So yes, I'm a geek.

That's about it.

Party on!



29 September 11 (Permalink)
6 May 11 (Permalink)

What A Great Week

Legos (one of my favourite blogs) reblogged one of my LEGO Death Star - A Journey pix.  It made me feel all warm and goey inside.

I’ve had heaps of chats with really lovely Tumblrites that I follow and admire, and discovered that they follow me too.  While I’ve said I’m not doing this to acquire followers, it is kind of funky to know that people who are posting brilliant things on Tumblr kinda like the stuff I post.  I’m sure you know what I mean. 

The whole “May the Fourth” thing was beyond what I could have thought possible. Thousands upon thousands of posts turned up with individual messages that thanks to Tumblr tags I could easily find (#Star Wars, #May the Fourth). I’ve never felt so connected to fellow geeks as I did over the last three days (because Australia is a day before America, so the celebrations actually lasted quite a long time).

And for the first time in a month my photo blog (Looking Through a Glass Cumquat) got a handful of new followers who are all quite active with their “like” buttons.  Again - warm and gooey inside.

Anyway, just felt like sharing my happiness at feeling the love of Tumblr. It really has come along at the perfect time in my life.

It’s nice to know you all!

26 April 11 (Permalink)

I am blown away by the love for Elisabeth Sladen

On hearing the news of Elisabeth Sladen’s passing, I sought out the best Doctor Who artist I know of (Andy’s Art) and sure enough he had made the most beautiful graphic tribute to Lis.

I then opened up my heart and wrote my post “A long time ago, in a lounge room not so far away actually" to share my feelings about the loss of this magnificent woman from the world and the wonderful legacy she created in Sarah Jane Smith.

Since then I’ve posted a number of other items, but the first seemed to capture the hearts of a lot of people.

What has really hit home to me is that my post has been reblogged over 100 times by fellow Whovians grieving Lis. I know it’s not earth shattering, but what makes me feel a little humbled is that they’ve kept the text. In a way, perhaps, I’ve put their feelings into words. I don’t know, I can’t explain it.

All I know is that there are a lot of people out there feeling the same as me right now. And that’s comforting.

I hope Lis knew how much we loved her.

It’s a good reminder to tell those you love how much they mean to you while you have the chance.

27 November 10 (Permalink)





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Reblogged: somepg

16 November 10 (Permalink)

A Tumblr Analysis

People like to look at photos as a follower, but for stupid or interesting things they like/reblog from trusted sources they follow on their dashboard.

This occurred to me when I thought I’d evaluate my specialist blogs to see if they were worthwhile continuing. The iPhoneography blog has double the followers of my “stupid photoshop” blog, but pales in comparison regarding notes (likes / reblogs).

Looking Through A Glass Cumquat - 81 posts / 30 notes
Tasteless & Unoriginal - 51 posts / 1,100 notes

BTW - the number of notes is approximate. I wasn’t going to do an exact count. I’m crazy, but not that crazy.

Granted, my photos aren’t the greatest in the world, but neither are my photoshops. So I’m just going to sit on this analysis for the next few months and see if it continues to play out the same way. Ahhhhh research & analysis.

End of line.

12 November 10 (Permalink)

3 Odd Things About Tumblr

  1. Whenever I look at my dashboard I regularly go to “Like” a post, only to discover it’s something I’ve just reblogged via the queue.  It’s been sitting there for so long I’ve forgotten about it!
  2. My queue is now officially out of control: it stretches out to just over a week (173 hours to be correct) at the rather spam-worthy rate of 16 items a day. I can’t help it - there’s so much good stuff around!
  3. If that’s too many posts for you - please unfollow - because I’m also posting items during the day if I discover something, so my output can be around 20 posts a day. -Gack!-
  4. Nothing. There is no 4th thing. Only 3. 3 being the number of Odd Things about Tumblr. Now that has been clarified there is only one thing left to do: I must proofread this stupid post and then write …two, two things to do. One: proof post. Two: write tags. Three: nothing! There is no third thing, is that clear? I feel I need … The Comfy Chair …
6 November 10 (Permalink)

Tumblr is my new TV

Reblogs are my favourite shows - the archive allows me quick access to my library.

Likes are shows I think are quite good, and I can easily access them again when needed.

My dashboard of search tags and follows are channel hops - things I don’t want or never knew I wanted. It’s variety hour!

I follow what interests me, and if others like my main TV channel they’re more than welcome to follow me on the ride. Or to change channel - I’m not precious.

I’m not here to amass followers, as I don’t need to generate ad revenue to keep my TV station operational.

So please don’t be put off if I don’t automatically follow back, or if I don’t post zany animated gifs with a “thanks for following” blurb. It’s not what I’m here for.

Rant over. Have a nice day!

End of line.

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