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Eclectic random geekery: Star Wars, Doctor Who, Sci-Fi, science, photography, LEGO, and stupid, stupid things.

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As they say in the classics "I'm too old for this shit".

That said, I live in sunny Brisbane (Australia), forging a career in advertising / marketing whilst enjoying life as it comes.

I take photos on my iPhone, listen to (a lot of) music on my iPhone, and like Star Wars. So yes, I'm a geek.

That's about it.

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5 December 11 (Permalink)

“Ho-Ho-Ho!”  Grinchy napkin art.


“Ho-Ho-Ho!”  Grinchy napkin art.

Reblogged: kmkirby

30 November 10 (Permalink)

Recommend Tuesday AGAIN? Sheesh.

What is this - a weekly thing? Sheesh. Who to recommend? No brainer really …

KMKirby Art Napkins - what can I say? I can’t help but “Like” practically everything he posts, it’s so cool! And on top of that, Kevin is a lovely person (obviously, to enrich his kid’s lives with such wonderful art). If you agree and would like to recommend him, then click here.

And my #1 favourite discovery of the week is:

100M - original iPhoneography. Good stuff.

And in honour of Senpezeco-StarWars being placed on the Radar and named official Queen of Tumblr for the Day, I can’t help but repost a previous recommend note:

The House of Tagge Hates You

And that’s why my Recommend love this week goes to Haus Haus / senpezeco-starwars. I loved the Tagge family in the classic Marvel comics, and this Tumblr gives a fantastic Star Wars nostalgia boost to my days.

I should also say “Welcome new followers”: I let everyone know who I’ve recommended for two reasons: firstly to spread the love. These blogs are great. Secondly, I can never remember who I’ve recommended in the directory, and this way I make sure I share my “recommends” around.

If you feel foolish and consider recommending me, I wouldn’t complain: just click here.

End of line.

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